Comprehensive mobile-ready student response system for interactions in blended learning


Normal Class

Check understanding in the classroom in order to adjust the direction and pace of teaching. An indispensable tool for every teachers and students.

New Normal

Simple polling is not enough for learning to be effective. Interact with your students and conduct engaging learning activities with the tool.

With uReply®, every student has a chance to participate in the classroom/online interactions. 

Compatible with all devices, across all platforms

Extremely user-friendly and no learning curve

All actions are fast and instant, ideal for live responses

Diverse question types for discussions and collaborations 


Interaction for active learning

In developing uReply, we aim at changing the teaching and learning dynamics through facilitating various types of interactions in the classroom. Teachers will better understand students' needs and learning progress because of the enhanced communications.

Interactive classes are...

  • More fun
  • Student-oriented
  • Active and engaging

Feature highlights

Featured highlights

All learning actions are automatically recorded. Multiple levels and styles of reports are available.
Game-like activities such as speed challenge and peer review exercises make the class even more engaging.
Add action points (pins) onto an online map and then associate each point with a question.
Ask a question and then discuss, or let students finish the whole quiz at their own pace.