We want major teaching and learning functions to talk to each other and be integrated into a single platform.

There will no longer be the need to login and logout from various systems for a learning task. We will have comprehensive understanding of students learning progress across platforms. There will also be ease of use and convenience at a much higher level. 


Joining the essential learning functions for the best results

A connected system that covers 

400 %

  • Learning management platform
  • Student response system
  • Online learning platform
  • Video management platform

A united learning experience.

One account for all

Teachers and students access all the major functions they need for teaching and learning in a single platform, leading to a level of convenience not felt before.

No more uploading to Youtube

Strong video management system should work hand-in-hand with the LMS seamlessly. There is no need to rely on insecure external video servers any more.

Full understanding of learners

The rich learning data from all the components integrate well to give teachers full picture how students are progressing in class and at home.

Our product for the all-in-one experience:

For institutional users: SuiteClass