Learning does not take place only in classrooms

In fact, learning is anytime and anywhere. 

Location-based learning

Let us prepare learning trips for students to learn more effectively outside of the classroom, and at the locations where they can relate knowledge to the real-world. Learning can be a lot motivating, authentic and active in this manner.

Physical learning trips

Students pay physical visits to the places and complete the learning activities that are prepared for them on the locations.

Virtual learning trips

Virtual trips can be an option if the places to visit are too far away. Students 'travel' to the various places on their computer, view 360 pictures or videos and complete the learning activities.

Any own time or at the same time

Good learning trip platforms should also support individual and teamed trips. Also, it should support both asynchronous and synchronous modes so that the trip can be a whole-class field activity or a home assignment for students to do at their own pace.

Teachers need a powerful platform for building and running learning trips

We suggest the following solutions to you:

uReply GO

Insert action points on the map for the playing of both physical and virtual trips

Science Mobile (custom project)

Build a learning database for ubiquitous learning through scanning barcodes and QR codes