Feel the Enjoyment of Using a Single Platform for Everything


A complete solution that add functions to LMS for modern education, designed with blended learning and social learning in mind.

Inner Core: Learning Management System Integration

Basic Bootstrap HTML Template

Courses and communications

Essential learning management with course structure and mobile-ready communication tools

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Video management and storage

Comprehensive video storage and management functions with access control at course level

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Student responses and activities

Complete teacher-student interaction capabilities with course-level integration






Classroom teaching outer-core

Mobile App for browsing and interactions in the classrooms

Bootstrap Examples Site
Bootstrap Site Examples

Online teaching outer-core

Use content and interactions with built-in online teaching capabilities 

Self-learning outer-core

Turn content and interactions into self-learning archives with gamification options

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Bootstrap 4 Examples Templates Bootstrap 4 Templates  Examples

Field learning outer-core

Build and run asynchronous or synchronous learning trips 

Bootstrap 4 Examples Templates Bootstrap 4 Templates  Examples

The beauty of an integrated solution