Education Tools

Education is to change for the better. We assist in making that happen with software systems. Our vision is to empower both teachers and students with technologies to unleash their full potential in teaching and learning. Our tools are easy-to-use Learning Management System for both teachers and students.

Classroom response system


Comprehensive mobile-ready student response system for interaction in blended learning. uReply® is changing the teaching and learning dynamics through facilitating various types of interaction.

uReply® is compatible with all devices and extremely user-friendly. Teachers can receive responses in real-time. It supports diverse question types in discussions and collaborations.

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Virtual reality content authoring platform


EDVR gives the power of Virtual Reality to the hands of every teachers. Teachers put hotspots anywhere in your 3D model, 360 photos or 360 videos and then configure the hotspots for various types of interactions. Output the project for use on mobile phones, or on dedicated VR gears. Projects can be updated easily any time.

EDVR creates a highly immersive and interactive learning environment. It allows students to engage with education content in a three-dimensional space, giving them a sense of presence and realism. This immersive experience can enhance learning by making it more engaging, memorable, and enjoyable.

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Video conferencing system


Virtual meeting space is more INTERACTIVE than ever with an integrated comprehensive participant-response mechanism. The significant features of Everymeet are that a link is required, connect on the go and your data are secure and safe.

Besides live meeting, all your sessions are recorded. There is no more hiccups when broadcasting videos in the meeting room as audience play the videos on their side - the heavy video signals do not travel through the conference system. Magically, the play/pause/jump controls are still on the speaker side.

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Location-based learning platform

uReply GO

uReply GO is a platform for teachers to create learning trips or trails easily – just drag and drop action points onto an online map and then associate each of the action point with a question to ask or information to give. The effect on the student side will be – students see a map with many suggested locations they are to visit and when they arrive at each location, the pre-assigned question or information pops up. 

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Online Tutorial System

Powered by Everymeet, the system has an added calendar function for students to book their own timeslots to meet the teachers online.

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