Mobile Solutions

Smartphones are part of our daily lives. Creating an app could allow users to access information or services anytime and anywhere through their mobile devices. Our education apps close the gap between classroom and leisure.

Ubiquitous learning platform

Science Mobile

A ubiquitous learning platform developed for the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Students can use their mobile phone to scan barcodes, QR codes or NFC tags and access relevant learning resources and exercises. A vast amount of chemistry and biology knowledge is linked to everyday items and products, allowing students to learn anywhere, anytime. The platform comes with a web-based content editor to allow instant update of learning items.

Technologies: React Native, NFC tags, Vue.js, Node.js

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Field trip and laboratory exercise companion app

Marine Biology App

An app developed for the Marine Biology course at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The app contains a marine species album and lab manuals for their field trip and experiment needs. There is also an AR mini-game which places different animals on the shore and an AI-powered camera which can help identify marine species.

Technologies: React Native, Vue.js, Node.js, Augmented reality, Object detection

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Economics exercises for high school

Econ Lab

Econ Lab contains Economics exercises for high-school students. The exercises are categorized by topic and difficulty. Students can easily track their learning progress and practise exam questions anytime on their mobile phones.

Technologies: Java, Node.js

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Event companion app


It is an event management platform that is particularly useful for events that need polling, voting or competition arrangements. A administrator panel is available for setting up event schedules. Integration with uReply enables real-time interactions between speakers and participants.

Techonlogies: Angular.js, Node.js

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