Self-directed learning
is life-long learning

As teachers we should provide guidelines, resources as well as motivation to students so that they form the habit to self-learn and are able to self-learn effectively. Being able to self-learn can be one of the most important capabilities students learn through education as it opens the door to learning beyond formal education. 

Interactive text-based resources 

Text-based resources are fundamental in the academic world. Advanced and serious learning always involve reading of the literature, classic and recent. Technology enables students' easy access to the materials they need. Good self-learning platforms should also offer functions such as searching, bookmarking, and annotation. As for teachers, the platforms should allow them to easily build the learning archive, add interactive activities, and monitor progress of students. 

Video-based resources

that are interactive

More and more our students learn through video-based resources. Technology should better
support these new learning needs by providing a video learning management platform 
enhanced with various self-learning functions. The core functionalities include 
assess control of content, addition of interactive component side-by-side of the 
learning materials, and comprehensive reportage of students' learning progress and 


Motivation drivers


The learning reports that are to be sent to teachers can motivate students to learn. Drivers of motivation also include gaming mechanics such as scoring system and leaderboard. Moreover, enabling students to showcase learning achievements to peers is also a highly effective encouragement. Good self-learning platforms should provide the various options to teachers and students to plan the activities.

Video-based learning management

Self-learning module (SuiteClass)