Gamifying Education

For learning motivation

Gamification transform learning activities into learning games for enhanced engagement and hence enhanced outcomes. The common gaming mechanics that are used include scores, levels, and leaderboards. The gaming designs often have elements of collaboration, competition, exploration, simulation and role-playing.  

The enabling technology

Technology certainly facilitates the running of gamified learning activities. Apart from 'expensive' games that are tailor-made for learning of specific topics, we also need gaming platforms that are flexible and easy-to-use. All teachers are able to create their own learning games.

Examples of gamified learning

  • Turn a quiz into a classroom competition
  • Run a treasure-hunt-type of field trip
  • Earn scores and badges with learning

We recommend the following solutions with gaming elements:

Run quizzes like games

Activity module in uReply

Location-learning and field trips

uReply GO

Exploratory learning in virtual reality